Unpacking Life and Culture in Cuba

A week dancing with sensualism, salsa, and socialist pride

La Guarida, scene of the Oscar-nominated progressive Cuban film “Fresa y Chocolate.”

Mentions of Fidel and la revolución hard-won by 1959 were rampant: painted on buildings, hanging in tapestries, sitting on bookstore shelves. Revered as much a historic victory as a pop culture phenomenon.

The “no internet” dinosaur is iconic at Cuban-designed clothing store Clandestina.

One pink bar of soap. One type of saltine cracker. But alas, dozens and dozens of liquors. So seems to go life in Cuba.

Candy-colored “casas particulares” in Viñales, a tiny, welcoming western town.

We rode in a 1950s Chevy with a slick purple paint job that rattled like a salsa dancer’s hips.

Queens, NY. Sometimes traveler. Creating new narratives on mental health and sustainability. Founder of Earth & Me, a zero-waste small business and publication.

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