My springtime sensation of loss is linked with birdsong and rain and unfolding tulips.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

I am utterly destabilized by the month of April.

To be more specific, it starts sometime in mid-March. Exactly the day when the afternoon sun hits just right and finally warms my shoulders.

I stare up at a flowering tree in my Queens neighborhood and feel immense gratitude, then I…

And an interview with the girl who finds them

“For me it’s not about ‘who has the best picture’ — it’s to show the beauty of nature that we don’t forget how precious and worth to protect it is.” Photograph by Tabea Hosmann

In New York City, we’ve been in lockdown since March and I’ve hardly ventured out to the surrounding boroughs, let alone new countries. I miss travel so much. But one thing that has kept me going are photos I’ve received from Tabea Hosmann, a dear travel friend living in Switzerland.

What employees call a culture of “convenient transparency” is no surprise

As someone who has long made environmentally friendly fashion the mainstay of my closet—which is to say, I don’t spend much money or time on fashion whatsoever—I was sold easily on Everlane. The online brand practiced “radical transparency,” a commitment to sharing their production process for high-quality clothing that was…

Kayli Kunkel

She/her. Queens, NY. Creating new narratives on mental health and sustainability. Founder of Earth & Me, a zero-waste small business and publication.

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